How Do You Remove the Crisper Plate from A Ninja Air Fryer?

How Do You Remove the Crisper Plate from A Ninja Air Fryer?

I have an absolute love for my Ninja air fryers!

They make my work very easy when I’m preparing meals for my family.

I currently own the Ninja AF161 Max XL and the Ninja DZ201 Foodi.

When I first bought and started using them, I struggled with cleaning.

The crisper plate on the Ninja Foodi 2-basket air fryer was so hard to remove. It felt like I was going to war every time.

I have seen other people in our community struggling and I thought to share what worked for me.

Removing the crisper plate is easier than you might think.

Air Fryer Crisper Plate

Ways to Remove the Crisper Plate from a Ninja Air Fryer

1. Use the Handle in the Middle

The Crisper Plate comes equipped with a little handle in the middle.

Gently lift the plate out of the Ninja Air Fryer using this handle.

This straightforward technique should make the removal process quick and easy.

2. Applying Oil for Smoother Removal

If you encounter resistance during removal, try this helpful tip.

Take a few drops of oil and apply it to the rounded corners of the Crisper Plate.

Rub the oil thoroughly to reduce friction, making it easier to remove the plate from the Ninja Air Fryer.

3. Addressing Stubborn Rubber Corners

The Crisper Plate has rubber corners, which can sometimes hinder removal.

Identify the rubber grommets located on the corners of the Crisper Plate.

With a gentle inward push, make the rubber corners more flexible.

This will eliminate any obstructions and facilitate effortless removal.

4. Adjust the Corner Pieces

The corners of the Crisper Plate can also hinder easy removal.

Carefully adjust and bend the corner pieces back to give space.

Ensure that all corners are properly aligned and not obstructing the plate’s removal.

How Do You Use a Ninja Crisper Plate?

To use a Ninja Crisper Plate, follow these steps:

a. Preparation

Before you start, make sure the Ninja Crisper Plate is clean and dry.

If you’re not using the original piece, ensure that the one you buy is compatible with your Ninja air fryer model.

b. Placement

Place the crisper plate inside your Ninja air fryer’s basket. It should fit snugly and rest on the bottom of the basket.

c. Prepare and Place the Food

Prepare the food you wish to cook in the air fryer.

You can cook a variety of items such as vegetables, meats, frozen foods, or even reheat leftovers.

Ensure the food is evenly arranged on the crisper plate, without overcrowding, to ensure proper air circulation.

d. Cooking

Set your cooking time and temperature for the specific food item you’re preparing.

Throughout the cooking process, you can open the air fryer basket to check on the food’s progress.

Once the cooking time is complete, carefully remove the food from the air fryer using oven mitts or silicone tongs as it will be hot.

Check that the food is fully cooked and reaches the desired level of crispiness.

e. Serving and Cleaning

Serve the food and allow the air fryer basket and crisper plate to cool down before cleaning it.

Air Fryer Replacement Crisper Plate

How Do You Clean an Air Fryer Crisper Tray?

Cleaning an air fryer crisper tray is a simple process that involves a few steps.

They include:

·  Remove the Crisper Tray

Take out the crisper tray from the air fryer.

· Clean the Crisper Tray

Hand wash the crisper plate with warm soapy water. You can also place the tray in the dishwasher if it is dishwasher-safe.

This is always mentioned in the product manual on the cleaning instructions.

Below is a table detailing how to clean depending on your specific Ninja air fryer model:

Air Fryer ModelAir Fryer PartCleaning MethodDishwasher Safe
Ninja Foodi DualzoneCrisper PlateThe crisper plates can be washed in the dishwasher or by hand.Yes
Ninja SpeediCrisper TrayCan be washed in the dishwasher or by hand.Yes
Ninja AF150Crisper PlateCan be washed in the dishwasher or by hand.Yes
Ninja AF101Crisper PlateCan be washed in the dishwasher or by hand.Yes
Ninja AF161Crisper PlateCan be washed in the dishwasher or by hand.Yes
Ninja AF080Crisper PlateHand wash onlyNo

Never use abrasive materials or metal utensils that could damage the non-stick surface.

To remove any stubborn stains, fill your sink with warm soapy water to soak the crisper tray.

Use a mild dishwashing liquid to create the soapy water solution.

Submerge the crisper tray in the water and let it soak for about 10-15 minutes. This soaking will help to loosen any stubborn food particles or grease.

After soaking, take a soft sponge or a non-abrasive brush and gently scrub the crisper tray. Pay close attention to the areas with stubborn residue.

·  Rinse the Crisper Plate

Once you’ve removed the dirt and grime, rinse the crisper tray thoroughly under running water to remove any remaining soap residue.

· Dry the Tray

Use a clean dishcloth or paper towel to pat the crisper tray dry. Ensure there is no water left on the surface, especially around the edges or corners.

Any water left behind may facilitate rusting which degrades the condition of your air fryer.

To keep your air fryer in top condition, try to clean the crisper tray after each use or at least after every few uses.

Regular maintenance will prevent stubborn stains and residue from building up, making cleaning easier and more effective.

Also, read this comprehensive article that details how to clean your ninja air fryer.

· Store the Crisper Tray

After cleaning, it’s essential to store the tray properly to maintain its condition and ensure it’s ready for the next use.

The most convenient and ideal place to store the crisper plate is inside the air fryer itself.

If, for some reason, you need to store the crisper plate separately from the air fryer, choose a clean and dry location.

A cupboard, store room, or rack are great options to store your crisper plate and air fryer.

Avoid storing it in areas where it might come into contact with moisture, such as near a sink or in a damp cabinet.

Do I Take the Rubber Off the Crisper Tray?

No, you do not have to remove the rubber from the crisper tray in an air fryer.

The rubber serves an important purpose as it helps hold the basket of your air fryer in place.

It also prevents the tray from accidentally falling out and potentially burning you when you’re dumping food out of the fryer.

So, it is recommended to leave the rubber intact for safety and stability reasons.


If you’ve been having trouble with your crisper tray, I trust that this article helps.

Remember, you don’t need to use a crisper tray with your air fryer, you can choose to use an air fryer liner or air fryer rack.

For more tips to enhance your air frying experience, check out these articles:

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