Why Does My Ninja Air Fryer Say Cool?

Why Does My Ninja Air Fryer Say Cool?

Digital air fryers communicate using messages on the screen to help us use the appliance effectively.

A message that the newer models of the Ninja air fryer display is COOL.

In this article, we’ll discuss what this message indicates and how to manage it.

With this information, I trust that you’ll be able to understand your Ninja air fryer and manage your cooking.  

What Is the Cool Message in a Ninja Air Fryer?

The Cool message comes up when the heating element is determined to be too hot and it needs to cool.

It displays to inform you that a safety feature has been activated to cool down the air fryer.

When the Ninja air fryer displays the cooldown message, the fan is running to cool down the temperatures.

Since air fryers can overheat, this safety feature ensures that the heating is controlled.

The cool message appears at the end of a cooking process and may display for about 15 seconds.

Some users have reported seeing this message for longer, up to 60 seconds. The duration varies with the specific Ninja model.

This process continues when the air fryer has determined that the desired “safe” temperatures have been reached.

The “cooldown” message is a feature of the Ninja DZ071 Foodi FlexBasket Air Fryer. This is a new dual-basket model of the Ninja Air Fryer Brand.

Ninja DZ071 FlexBasket Air Fryer

Drawbacks of the Cool Down Feature

The cooling process of the Ninja FlexBasket air fryer has two major disadvantages.

They include:

· Waiting Time

The cooling period adds extra time to your overall cooking process, which can be inconvenient if you’re in a rush or have a busy schedule.

In case you need to extend the cooking time and temperature of the food, you’re not able to immediately do so until the process is finished.

· Interrupted Workflow

If you’re preparing multiple batches of food, the cooling message interrupts the workflow, as you have to pause between batches.

One of the advantages of a dual-basket air fryer is the ability to cook foods with different cooking times and temperatures.

For this dual basket air fryer, abruptly ending the cool down in one chamber affects the cooking operations of the other basket.

Please Note: Even though this feature can be inconvenient, it’s essential for your safety and to avoid any accidental burns. It’s a trade-off for ensuring a safe cooking experience.

How To Cancel the Cool Down Process

The only way to cancel the cool-down message on the Ninja air fryer is to shut down the air fryer.

You can open the air fryer basket or press the pause button but the process of cooling down will continue.

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The “Cool” message on your Ninja Air Fryer is a safety feature that kicks in to prevent overheating.

It’s there to protect you and make sure the air fryer stays at safe temperatures.

The waiting time for the cool-down can be inconvenient, especially if you’re in a hurry or cooking multiple batches.

It may interrupt your cooking workflow, making you pause between batches.

If you’re using a dual-basket model, the cool-down in one basket can affect the cooking operations of the other.

The only way to cancel the cool-down process is to shut down the air fryer.

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