Are air fryers loud?

Are Air Fryers Loud? My New Findings

After I bought my first air fryer, I’ve never looked back.

I remember asking my friends to join the bandwagon so that we could try recipes together.

A complaint that I got was that the air fryer was too noisy.

I’d never really thought about noise levels as the Ninja Air fryer I had barely overpowered the other kitchen appliances.

I sought to find out why they were having this issue and how to solve it. In this article, I’ll discuss my findings. 

True to her word, the air fryer noise did sound terrible. It was similar to this one.

How Loud are Air Fryers?

The noise from an air fryer ranges between 40 dBA and 65 dBA. This explains why some just hum while operating and others disrupt your environment.

When comparing it to an appliance, 65dB is similar to the noise from a dishwasher.

We also need to remember that everyone has a different threshold when it comes to noise levels.

What might sound loud can be okay to some.

This also applies to pets.

Once, a dog hurriedly ran away and hid when I started using my air fryer.

What Makes an Air Fryer Loud?

So, are air fryers supposed to be loud? Yes.

There might be several reasons why an air fryer is loud. Some factors we can control and others we can’t.

What Makes an Air Fryer Loud?

Some of the possible reasons include:

Make and Model

As mentioned, some air fryer brands have a noise level of up to 65 dBA.

This is equivalent to a normal conversation and a business office.

Some air fryer models are just noisy. How the machine was designed and the materials used play a part in how it operates.

The placement of the parts, the type, materials making the fan, and the settings all affect how the air fryer operates and potentially the noise it produces.

You can find that 2 air fryers from the same brand have different noise levels.


All air fryers feature a fan. It works to circulate air from the heating element to the air fryer basket or food chamber for food to cook.

The fan also helps to keep the sections of the appliance cool to avoid overheating.  

You are bound to hear some noise from the fan as it operates.

The noise level depends on the size of the fan, how fast it moves, and its design.

Dirt and Food Particles

When cooking with an air fryer, food, oil, and other particles may blow and attach to the heating element and fan.

If not removed, these materials may cause the air fryer to produce noise when running.

Layers of these materials on the fan may affect its orientation making it rub against other parts when moving.

To minimize food blowing to the fan and heating element, tie down the food you’re cooking using a toothpick or strings.

Also, avoid using too much oil that splatters within the air fryer when heated.

Loose Parts

Over time, parts of the air fryer become loose due to constant use and cleaning.

Aside from being loose, the fan might wear out.

Check that the different sections of the appliance are in good condition and tightly fixed to avoid noise from your air fryer.

Make it a habit to examine all the parts of the air fryer before use to identify any faults early.

Common Sounds from an Air Fryer

You may experience several noises coming from your air fryer.

The noises I have experienced with the air fryers I have owned include:

Ninja AF161 Max XL Air Fryer
My Ninja Max air fryer

1. Beeping

This is the most common sound you’ll hear with an air fryer.

It’s pretty standard even with most of the kitchen appliances.

A beeping sound occurs when you switch on the air fryer or when it’s done cooking. These are normal operations.

You might also experience a continuous annoying beeping sound.

This can be an indication that there is a problem with the air fryer.  

2. Humming or Rattling

A humming sound is from the air fryer fan.

The hum is low and steady and may increase as cooking progresses.

It is a normal sound that is produced when the fan is moving air throughout the machine.

3. Clicking

You may hear a clicking sound when the fan is loose, bent, or worn out.

Months into owning my new air fryer, I realized that I had been washing the appliance a little too aggressively.

This had made one of the air fryer sections bend out of shape.

The sections would rub each other and produce a clicking sound.

4. Ticking sound

This is usually from the timer as it counts down to start air frying.

How to Reduce the Sound from the Air Fryer

A majority of the noises from the air fryer are part of its operations.

Even though it may not possible to control all the noise, there are things you can do to manage and prevent excessive noise from your air fryer.

How to Reduce the Sound from the Air Fryer

They include:

Adjust the Fan

The fan produces the bulk of the noise from an air fryer.

Ensure that the fan is correctly placed, tightly fixed, and clean.

Feel around the area to make sure that the blades are intact.

Also, replace the fan when worn out. You’ll notice the wear when the fan produces louder noise than usual.

Clean your Air Fryer

A simple way to keep your air fryer performing optimally is to clean it after every use.

This way, you’re able to eliminate any dirt or food particles that find their way to unwanted sections of the air fryer.

Also, when cleaning, be gentle to avoid damaging sections of the air fryer like me lol!

Change Air Fryer Settings

There are things you can do to change some settings.

Specific brands allow you to remove the beeping sound for specific adjustments.

For example, if you have a Gourmia air fryer, you can press and hold the stop/cancel button until you hear 3 beeps.

This will eliminate beeping when adjusting the air frying time and temperature.

For others, you hold the Stop button for 3 to 5 seconds until the beeping is muted.

Depending on the machine you have, check to see if these hacks work.

If not, check online to identify hacks that other people have used.

Avoid remedies that involve you interfering with the inner circuit and hardware of your air fryer.

You may end up damaging your appliance and voiding your warranty. Seek the services of a professional to handle major alterations.

Choose an Appropriate Air Fryer Location

You need to choose a good location to run the air fryer.

If the air fryer is loud, opt to run it in a room or section of the house that would cause minimal disturbance.

When choosing this location, ensure that the air fryer gets adequate space for circulation and the vent is not covered.

Also, the surface level should be clean, dry, and level.

Avoid placing and using the air fryer next to other kitchen appliances such as toasters, microwaves, and grills.

Get a New Air Fryer

If all else fails, you may need to get a new air fryer.

When your air fryer is new and the noise is unbearable, opt to return and choose another less noisy brand.

This is what we did for my friend who had bought a noisy air fryer.

When buying an air fryer, the cost can affect whether you get a poor quality and noisy appliance.

Often times, you get what you pay for.

A quiet air fryer I have personally used and would recommend is the Ninja AF161 Max XL.

You can also check the full review here.

Also find out, why smoke is coming from your air fryer.


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