Instant Vortex VersaZone Dual Basket Air Fryer Review

Instant Vortex VersaZone Dual Basket Air Fryer Review

The Instant Vortex VersaZone dual-basket air fryer is a modern appliance that enables you to prepare two foods at the same time.

The air fryer features two baskets each 4.5-quart capacity.

You enjoy a cooking capacity of 9 quarts with the option to utilize one or two baskets.

This dual-basket air fryer offers a great advantage over the traditional single-basket air fryers, you can get more done in less time.

Instant Vortex VersaZone Dual Basket Air Fryer

Instant Vortex VersaZone Dual Basket Air Fryer Specifications

The key specifications of the Instant Vortex VersaZone air fryer are as follows:

Type2 Basket air fryer
Dimensions17.83 by 17.48 by 14.88 inches
Weight18.96 pounds
Capacity9 Quarts
Max Temperature450 °F
Wattage1500 watts
Cord Length~ 33 inches
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  • 8-in-1 functionality
  • Large 9-quart cooking capacity
  • 2 air fryer baskets with separate heating zones
  • Synchronized cooking technology
  • Rectangular basket design
  • Angled digital control


  • Takes up more space

Features of the Instant Vortex VersaZone 9 Quart Air Fryer


The Instant Vortex VersaZone 2-basket air fryer has a standard functional design.

It has a larger size than the air fryer models in the Instant Pot brand.

This dual-basket air fryer only compares to other 2-basket air fryer types such as the Ninja DZ201 Foodi,  Ninja DZ550 Foodi, and Instant Vortex Plus XL.

With this 2-basket air fryer, you get an air fryer basket that can be divided into two and a cooking tray.

It has a sleek black finish with a digital control angled for easy use.

Control Panel

The air fryer control panel is clear and simple to use.

It features a digital display that enables you to set the time, temperature, and the 8 cooking functions.

With the Instant Vortex dual basket air fryer, you get a versatile cooking temperature of 95 to 450°F.

You also access the start and cancel buttons to start and stop the air fryer while cooking.

The VersaZone technology allows for synchronized cooking or finish.

On the digital control, they are labeled as SyncCook and SyncFinish.

These functions are discussed later with the other cooking functions

Both features are convenient, and allow you to manage to prepare and serve food.

You also get to customize the air fryer to match your cooking preferences with one-touch smart programs.

Air Fryer Basket

The Instant Vortex VersaZone has a large air fryer basket that is subdivided into two air fryer baskets with a divider.

Both baskets are rectangular and can thus accommodate more food.

The capacity of each basket is 4.5 quarts. This makes a total of 9 quarts.

You can prepare your main meal and sides at the same time.

These Instant Vortex air fryer baskets feature a non-stick coating that prevents food from sticking to the air fryer when cooking.

This two-basket air fryer also comes with a cooking tray.

The air fryer basket and the cooking tray are dishwasher-safe.

All the material that comes in contact with food is also BPA-free.

Cooking Functions

This air fryer has 8 main cooking functions. They include:

· Air Fry

The Air Fry function allows you to achieve a crispy and crunchy texture using the advanced EvenCrisp technology.

· Broil

This function allows you to add a crispy finishing touch to your meals.

It used high heat from above.

You can also melt toppings such as cheese for the perfect finish.

· Bake

With the Bake function, you can make delicious baked goods like cakes, desserts, and bread.

· Roast

You can also use the Instant Vortex as a roasting oven with the Roast function.

It is great for cooking meats and vegetables.

· Dehydrate

The dehydrate function allows you to reduce moisture in food for preservation.

You can make healthy snacks like dried meats, fruits, and vegetables.

· Reheat

The reheat function allows you to warm leftover food.

You’ll give life to leftovers and obtain a delicious crispy result without changing the taste.

· SyncCook

Synchronized cooking is displayed as SyncCook on the panel.

This function lets you cook with the two baskets using the same settings.

· SyncFinish

The SyncFinish on the other hand allows you to set the air fryer baskets with 2 different cooking settings but they finish at the same time.

Synchronized EvenCrisp Technology

The Instant Vortex Dual basket features synchronized cooking technology for your convenience.

This technology helps you use 2 air fryer baskets.

The technology includes 2 options, the SyncCook and SyncFinish.


SyncFinish enables food with different cooking times, temperatures, and functions to finish cooking at the same time.

For example, you can have fries in one basket and chicken in the other.

Although these dishes have different cooking times and functions, the technology will work to ensure they finish cooking at the same time.

This makes it easier to dish out and serve food without timing their cooking times.


SyncCook allows you to prepare large batches of food that share the same cooking temperature, time, and function.

The food might be similar or different.

Instant Vortex VersaZone vs Instant Vortex Plus XL Air Fryer

Both of these appliances are dual-basket air fryers.

They have different cooking capacities and capabilities.

Instant Vortex VersaZone has a larger capacity of 9 quarts while the Instant Vortex Plus XL has an 8-quart capacity.

They both have synchronized technology that includes SyncCook and SyncFinish.

Another difference is in the design.

The VersaZone has one large air fryer basket that is divided to make two while the Plus XL has 2 different air fryer baskets.

The Instant Vortex VersaZone also has a completely black finish while the Instant Vortex Plus XL has a silver touch with glass windows to check on the food.

Here’s a table showing these differences.

Instant Vortex VersaZone Air FryerInstant Vortex Plus XL Air Fryer
Capacity9 Quarts8 Quarts
Size17.83 D x 17.48 W x 14.88 H Inches17.8 D x 17.87 W x 15.4 H Inches
Weight18.96 pounds20.7 pounds
Number of functions88
CapabilitiesSynchronized cookingSynchronized cooking
Maximum temperature450 °F400 °F

Is the Instant Vortex VersaZone Dual Basket Air Fryer worth it?

The Instant Vortex VersaZone is a large-capacity multifaceted air fryer.

It gives you 8 cooking functions with synchronized cooking technology to prepare food.

The two-basket air fryer is a great choice for large families.

You can use it to prepare meals and side dishes at the same time.

You get 9 quarts of capacity, 4.5 quarts from each air fryer basket with a cooking temperature of up to 450.

If you need a bigger option, consider the Ninja DZ550 Smart XL air fryer.

You can also find other Instant Vortex Air Fryer Models here.


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