How To Prevent Your Air Fryer from Rusting

How To Prevent Your Air Fryer from Rusting

Are you looking to maintain the condition of your air fryer and prevent rusting?

Rust not only affects the appearance of your appliance but can also potentially contaminate your food.

In this article, we will share with you the most effective ways to prevent rust from forming on your air fryer.

Whether you’re a new air fryer owner or have been using one for a while, you’ll get the information you need to keep your air fryer rust-free.

Ways to Keep an Air Fryer from Rusting

Without proper care, an air fryer can rust.

Since prevention is better than cure, here are six ways to prevent an air fryer from rusting.

1. Keep the Air Fryer Clean

One of the most important things you can do to prevent rust on your air fryer is to keep it clean.

Food particles, oil, and grease can accumulate on the interior and exterior of the air fryer, creating a breeding ground for rust.

To keep your air fryer clean, make sure to wash it after each use, using warm soapy water and a sponge or brush to eliminate food debris.

Also, try as much as possible to handwash your air fryer basket to minimize damage to the protective layer.

This will prevent exposure of the metallic elements to the environment that facilitate oxidation.

2. Dry the Air Fryer Thoroughly

After cleaning your air fryer, make sure you dry it.

Moisture is one of the main causes of rust, so leaving your air fryer damp after cleaning can encourage rust formation.

Use a clean, dry cloth to wipe down the interior and exterior of the air fryer, and make sure it’s completely dry before storing it.

You can also air dry by setting the components aside in a clean aerated environment.

3. Store the Air Fryer in a Dry Place

Rack for Kitchen

When not in use, store the air fryer in a dry place.

Humidity and dampness can cause rust to form on the air fryer.

The location of storage should be dry and well-ventilated. Avoid storing it in the garage or basement, which can be damp and humid.

4. Use An Air Fryer Liner When Cooking

Another way to keep your air fryer from rusting is to use a liner when cooking food.

A liner, such as parchment paper or aluminum foil, can help to keep food particles and oil from sticking to the interior of the air fryer.

This will make it easier to clean, thus minimal interference with the parts.

5. Utilize Non-abrasive Cleaning Products

When cleaning your air fryer, use non-abrasive cleaning products and tools.

Abrasive materials such as steel wool or scouring pads can scratch the surface of the air fryer, removing the protective coating.

The absence of the coating creates sections where rust can form.

To maintain the integrity of your appliance, use mild soaps and non-abrasive sponges or soft brushes to clean the air fryer.

I use the Dawn Dish Soap and these non-scratch sponges to clean my air fryer.

6. Buy A Quality Air Fryer

Finally, invest in a quality air fryer.

The design, materials, and construction of your air fryer determine its durability.

It’s important to invest in a good quality air fryer that is made of high-quality materials.

When an air fryer has quality materials and a sturdy design, with simple care, it is likely to hold and not be susceptible to rusting.

Look for air fryers that have a non-stick coating or stainless steel.

These materials are less likely to rust than other materials and can help to keep your air fryer rust-free for longer.

Check out the Ninja Max XL, Ninja DZ201 Foodi, or the Dash Deluxe Air Fryers as good options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should Air Fryer Be Washed After Every Use?

Yes, it is recommended to wash the air fryer after every use.

This will help maintain hygiene and prevent the buildup of food particles, which can cause rust and other problems.

How Do You Clean a Neglected Air Fryer?

How you clean a neglected air fryer depends on the extent of dirt or damage.

You can simply use soap and water if the air fryer is in good condition.

If it needs more attention, you can use baking soda, vinegar, and soap to clean your air fryer.

Remember to separate the different components of the air fryer and examine their conditions.

The main unit of the air fryer is only wiped with damp clothing, DO NOT immerse this in water.

In case of food particles and grease build-up, soak the air fryer basket in soapy water before you start cleaning.

Also, use a soft brush or sponge to scrub the basket, paying special attention to any stubborn spots or stains.

Rinse the basket with water and dry thoroughly.

Reassemble the air fryer and store it in a clean, dry place.


Preventing your air fryer from rusting is an important step in maintaining the longevity and safety of the appliance.

By following the tips discussed, you can effectively prevent rust from forming and keep your air fryer in good condition.


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